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Have more fun with your dog!

Fetch is one of the best ways to exercise your dog. Playing fetch is also an interactive and fun way to bond with, and also train your dog. There are hundreds of different types of dog toys which can be used for fetch, but only FetchPro can help pick up and throw most of them!

What’s a FetchPro?

FetchPro is a patented tool ( US patent #US9585367B2) designed to pick up and throw any dog toy ranging from 1 inch in diameter to 6 inches in diameter.

Why is FetchPro helpful?

  • FetchPro has flexible finger like grippers which can be adjusted from a 1 inch grip to a 6 inches grip size
  • Pick up and easily throw any size or shape dog toy without getting slobber on your hand
  • FetchPro has an adjustable length so kids and adults can find the best size for their height and throwing conditions
  • FetchPro makes fetch safer, cleaner, and easier….. which means your dog may get tired of playing fetch before you do!




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